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  5. The Last Kingdom World of Warcraft Community presents : Sargeras i80-True PvP Realm. Wotlk 3.3.5a We are having our Official Launch Day on 22.03.2019 20:00 Realm time(Germany Timezone).On this night we are going to host a lot of PvP/PvE/Customs Events where EVERYBODY that participates will be rewarded with amazing stuff !. Sargeras i80 is a PvP realm but also includes customs PvE parts.If you are looking for Insane PvP activity,this is going to be your favourite realm. A unique combination of Blizzlike and Custom,sustained by high class Staff Team,that's what Sargeras Realm is about !. Here are some features that you will discover on our realm : 1.Completly working and balanced classes and gear stats.Bug-Free 2.Crossfaction actions like invite/whisper/guilds/raids/trades..etc.Crossfactions Battlegrounds and Arenas comming soon 3.PvP Features like Token per kill/Kill Streaks/Top PvPers/Extra rewards for winners and loosers of battlegrounds and arenas. 4.Daily and Regular Events of all kind.Custom PvP Events like : Gladiator's Arena ( Group or Solo player has to defeat everything that is spawned in arena,including players/creatures/groups).Seasonal PvP Events with $Rewards based on the Rewards Pool that is gathered. 5.Custom PvE Zones/Story : The Legions Return/The Last Kingdom 6.Always Online-Our servers run 365 days per year. 7. Reward System for active members.Short description : Our server is running 24/24 a local lottery.For every hour spent in-game your character with /autoroll a random number.If you roll the lucky number you receive up from 10 to 30 Donations Points.Also,beside that,based on your playtime,administrators randomly according rewards while you are playing. 8. Unique Vote Rewards ->Change Vote Points into Donor Points/Top Voters of the week will be rewarded as mentioned on the website. 9. Community Achievements : We are setting different kind of Achievements like for example : Hit 1000 Created Accounts.Call your friends and help us Achieve them and claim your just reward ! 10. Unique features in-game like 1v1 Arena/Transmog/custom commands/World Flying/Buffs and so go on. 11. Character migration: Migrate your character from your ex World of Warcraft server to Us ,for FREE !. 12. Dedicated,active,professional and most friendly Staff on World of Warcraft Private Servers. 13. Free for all PvP-Except the Malls,every zone has PvP Enabled,even between the same factions ! 14. Best Arenas teams and Solo PvPers get amazing rewards at the end of every season ! 15.Post-Wotlk Expansions Content (Legion/Mop/Cata/Bfa) comming soon !.Permanently releasing new content and improving your experience on our servers. What are you waiting for? Call your friends and meet us on 22.03.2019 at the Official Launch ! We want and we need you here,so we can enjoy at the highest level,the World of Warcraft Game.Stay close to us and our community on our discord channel : https://discord.gg/agYpbYx https://tlk-wow.com
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    I have Edited your post also you should be able to edit it too anyways thanks for the update!
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    Hi there! Update 2.1 has been release recently. With new version: - You will be able to use global players list, aka Who List to find anyone in the world. - We add a lot of new servers in the list, so you can quickly connect to your favorite servers. Read more aout update: http://wow-mini.com/update-2-1/ Btw, can't edit first post to update, why?
  10. There is no problem bro glad this helped you to achieve your goals!
  11. Registered on here for the sole purpose of saying thanks for your and others work on this mod. I just compiled the newest version of trinity to play wotlk, and really wanted all race/class combos unlocked. This did the trick. Everything installs and works. In game there are a few small issues that come up, such as certain combinations not having a racial ability, or an intended weapon skill. All that is easily fixed in game with admin privileges though. I will also add the posted code is to be edited into src\server\game\Entities\Unit\unit.cpp and then compiled. You can run without it, but the newly enable shamans' totems are small black & white checkered boxes without it. Took me a while to figure it all out as I had never done it before.
  12. You need to have an account before installing fusioncms
  13. le bump
  14. You put '. "LEVEL" ' as the command is string so the integers should also be viewed as strings.
  15. logot.png

  16. @tokdev
  17. Such a great design and it's worth it also a big VOUCH !
  18. On line 278 of the spoiler or line return ".character level " . $CharacterName; I need to accept an integer after charactername; Could some one help with that? For example, the command output to the server should be ".character level [name] 60"
  19. Before couple months, i bought this design for FusionCMS. But at that time, i wanted use it. But how the months passed and i kida left WoW Emulation...i don't see the point having this design anymore, as for me it is useless. I'm selling it only once (uniqe rights), once when you buy...you can do what ever you want (resell, use it, share, release..) I'm asking about 250$ for it. All below 250$, i will just ignore. You will get just Design in PSD Format, no HTML stuff, as i do not have. I accept payment: Bank, Card. if you are interested, PM.
  20. Good Luck
  21. You already solved your issue by downloading an old version that contains MySysGit and KDiff
  22. Hello guys, Im trying to install Git Extensions again since i have new computer and i want to make myself another private server for testing but it no longer asks me if i want to install MySysGit and KDiff... But in the TrinityCore Wiki page it says that it is included in Git Extensions and i know it used to be included since i've downloaded Git Extensions many times before. But now it does not seem to be included? Anyone else who can confirm this so i know its not just for me? And what should i do? Just google kdiff and MySysGit for download link and start a separate download for that or should i just leave it???
  23. Good luck i like the thread design
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