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SQL Scripts

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3 files

  1. trinitycore

    This file is for the newest cores


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  2. trinitycore

    Hello guys, Well this is not JadaDev SQL it's for Khalid. i Just Fix it so now it's working on Jeuties Blizzlike Repack & etc...

    So Credits goes to Khalid.

    What i just did ? 

    I recreate all the NPC's take me like 20 min  because ( 144 NPC ) 

    I recreate all the SQL's..

    Note : Spawned ?? .. Look bottom
    It's 3.3.5A last TrinityCore V

    so again Credits :

    Khalid for the SQL's ( items & vendors )
    Me JadaDev for remaking them so they'll work on the new TrinityCore Version ( Tested on my own core, Jeuties Blizzlike repack & Tok124 Repack.

    Some info : NPC ID's ( 500000 - 500144 )

    good luck 

    Why did i create this ? or it's already created ? ( my friend did download that SQL but it's not working for him he just w/ me on skype and i did this for him well why not to upload it in Ac-Web may some people like it and use 

    Thanks for reading my Thread, sorry for English mistakes 

    Spawned Places : 

    Gates of Ahn'Qiraj [ScreenShot]
    Code: [DOWNLOAD NOW] {/hide}
    -- Spawn place have more than the SQL as downloads LOL the spawn place have 600 downloads and the SQL have 500  

    Code: 500000 Alchemy Recipes 500001 Amulets Armor 500002 Arena Season 1 Item Sets 500003 Arena Season 2 Item Sets 500004 Arena Season 3 Item Sets 500005 Arena Season 4 Item Sets 500006 Arena Season 5 (Deadly Gladiator) 500007 Arena Season 5 (Hateful Gladiator) 500008 Arena Season 5 (Savage Gladiator) 500009 Arena Season 6 Item Sets 500010 Arena Season 7 Item Sets 500011 Armor Tokens Miscellaneous 500012 Bandages Consumables 500013 Blacksmithing Recipes 500014 Blue Gems 500015 Books Recipes 500016 Bows 500017 Cloaks 500018 Cloth Trade Goods 500019 Commendations 500020 Containers 500021 Cooking Recipes 500022 Crafting Trade Goods 500023 Crossbows 500024 Currency Miscellaneous 500025 Daggers 500026 Death Knight Glyphs 500027 Druid Glyphs 500028 Elemental Trade Goods 500029 Elixirs 500030 Enchanting Recipes 500031 Enchanting Trade Goods 500032 Engineering Recipes 500033 Epic Mounts


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