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About This File


Armor Creator changed from autoupdate to update checker!

TOTAL DOWNLOADS : 1000 + -- Updated 09/09/2018

Note : Please DO NOT DONATE BECAUSE THE ASSIGNED PAYPAL IS LOCKED ! if you want to help just PM me here and thanks.

Greetings everyone, been long time since i released something.. so in the past few days i was thinking to finish an already "Idea" that i got, which is the 'Armor Creator' as i've seen a lot of items creator around but you need to fill x 40 boxes at least and sometimes it is outdated and could rip your DB.. well i decided to open this project since i got a lot of free time specially this days / months and well i'll not stop here and i'll try to work more on the code and make it better and better and important which is easy to use with few click.
Armor Creator is also made by VB.NET

Information about the Armor Creator 

  • By using Armor Creator you will be able to create a full set in few minutes.
  • Easy Manage.
  • Not complicated to use.
  • Most of needed columns available.
  • No need to know the ID's or any other information.
  • Item name could be eaisly colored.
  • Random DisplayID finder (Offline).
  • Advanced Online DisplayID finder.
  • Advanced Offline DisplayID finder.
  • Enabling/Disabling Stats.
  • Item Preview.
  • Advanced Mode.
  • Guessing DisplayID(Advanced Mode)
  • ExtendedCost Lookup (Offline)
  • Item Duration Calculator.
  • Full SQL Code Preview.
  • Copying SQL.
  • Generate SQL file with the output query.
  • Directly Database Inserting.
  • Edit Items directly from your database.
  • REPLACE Item Directly to your database.
  • UPDATE Items directly to your database.
  • Database information can be saved and reset.
  • Checking database connection.
  • Every log will be saved so you could later check what you've done.
  • New form SQL.
  • You can now insert / delete / update / replace any use most mysql commands directly using SQL.
  • Search items by name and by entry.
  • Paypal form is updated.
  • Auto Updater.
  • Item.DBC Creator + Patch Steps Creator.
  • Logs Managment.
  • Settings Added.
  • Limitation for values.



Preview for settings ( Progress 100% )


Credits : 

JadaDev : Coding everything related to the application.
DarkSoke : UI Design.
Tok124 : Online Finder.

Images Album CLICK HERE

Screenshots :



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