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  1. le bump
  2. As Jada said, Mangos is your best bet with 2.4.3 (TBC) but the support for it isnt as prominent as you will find for later wow versions that now mainly use TC
  3. Good Luck! my only recommendation is to get a new domain, servegame isnt as protected as some seem. try getting one from like OVH
  4. Oblivion-WoWis back under new owners and a new vision! Active development Dedicated and Active Staff Active Forums and Discord Custom shop where you can vote or donate Dungeon and raid issues get fixed after testing. A few things you should know about our realm: Level area 1-255 in Winterspring After Level 255, start your journey into the World of Oblivion-WoW Gen 1 gear is given for free at level 255 Gen 2-4 - Dungeons Gen 2 - Botanica Gen 3 - Mana Tombs Gen 4 - The Underbog Tiers 1-3 - Raids T1 - Serpentshrine Caverns T2 - Zul’Aman T3 - Zul’Gurub Gear with each Tier! Custom Bosses Custom Zones - Mounts Galore! Lots of Custom Quests Transmogs from Vanilla to WoD with Legion Artifacts! Q&A: Q: Can I be a GM? A: We are always looking for new staff as the server grows. At this moment we are sufficient with the staff we have. Q: Will you become big? A: We try to! We have a lot unique ideas and tricks to reach our goals! Q: Where can I give ideas or input on what I would like to see added? A: You are always welcome to make suggestions and comments on our forums! Q: How can I join? A: It's super easy! You download our client, create your account and finished! Or.. you can just use your own 3.3.5a client. Join us here!