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  1. On line 278 of the spoiler or line return ".character level " . $CharacterName; I need to accept an integer after charactername; Could some one help with that? For example, the command output to the server should be ".character level [name] 60"
  2. What needs to be put here to snag the trinity-auth.account sha_pass_hash The purpose of this is so that IPB can use the accounts created in the mysql database of the server instead of using a bridge The options above cannot be used because this is how the sha_pass_hash is stored
  3. Looking for a launcher that can download patches that we have created for the client. Some of our players use wowME.exe to load custom models. I have used the cTa launcher but I can't get it to download the patch files.
  4. Looking for something that would help in the creation of items for mangos one. I've been doing it manually and it sucks!
  5. I plan on hosting 2.4.3 so I should stick with Mangos?
  6. I see so much trinity core support but hardly anything for mangos on the web. Is Trinity Core more mature? Which is better? Why?
  7. And, the gm panel says there is something wrong with TicketId?
  8. Most functional version I've found. However I get this error under account settings under the user panel. Something went wrong: Technical data