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  1. I can create you one for 90$
  2. Made this application for people to use as example of how to do safe mysql connection without writting mysql info details into your "feature launcher".This is simple because the database info is handled in 2 php files on your webserver for example I have: htdocs/appconnect/index.php htdocs/appconnect/database.php The client application only reads the result returned by index.php where in my example the link contains parameters such as:"http://scenegaming.com/appconnect/index.php?username=admin&password=admin"Source here: https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/Sim...harpConnection
  3. Is the name in database remain changed?
  4. Download from here https://github.com/SuperDevRealm/Tri...20255%20UpdateSQL Files 255_creature_classlevelstats.sql 255_pet_levelstats.sql 255_player_classlevelstats.sql 255_player_levelstats.sql 255_player_levelstats_ARAC.sql (don't use unless you have ALL RACES ALL CLASSES ENABLED) 255_player_xp_for_level.sql Patch Files max_player_level.diff
  5. Good Luck.
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    Thank you.
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    Blake Barraclough, founder and creator of AmdWoW, DamageWoW, WrathWoW
  8. trinitycore

  9. Trinity Item Creator [3.3.5](Open source)Available links: [Download Latest Version] [View Screenshots] [VirusTotal] [Source] [BugTracker] Functions: Export as *.SQL or Copy to Clipboard Save and load templates (Shareable with friends) Drag and drop to load xml template (5 seconds video) DisplayID finder Stats Generator Videos: [Tutorial - Export and load xml item from database] [Tutorial - Generate stats function] [New Feature - Drag & drop to load xml template] DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/nTz4rQcThanks Sdyees for contribution.