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  1. Hello everyone. Well, since warden seems dont work nice, I was looking for some info about how to fight cheaters on our beloved servers and its very few info what i can find and it dont help too much Some places talk about use: https://bitbucket.org/Refuge89/sunwellcore/commits/12c202ad2ef520e16594aa8daab74f05962d75e9 Tried to add to tc core pero it use some player functions deprecated now a days like player::stopcurrentmoving or something like that so im unable to port it. There is a guy who sells a nice anticheat, ppl talk very nice about him and seems legit but 200$ is far from a starting server like mine. So its tehre any way to fight cheaters other than live on server and spend your ours seeing every player? Thx in advance
  2. ok got it darkageofwow.com thx
  3. do you really think other domai is needed? atm already isntalled SSL
  4. Hello everyone. We are proud to announce Dark Age of WoW enters on Alpha Test. You can nowenter the server and test it. For the next two weeks exp rate will be really high, once we grow on popullation we will decrease it around x4 aprox. At the moment you can find these features on the Server: Old Hyjal Zone: A PvP solo oriented zone, without agro mobs, with new diary, weekly and anytime repeteable quests. New High End PvP Set: Custom new legendary PvP set and jewelery, better than Wrathful. Only buyable across new ingame currency ( PvP token) New PvP Currency: New Badge only obtainable by doing PvP ( pvp kills, quest solo zone, siege capital cities, conquest towns for your realm. New arena set way to obtain: You can buy arena sets and jewelery not only by rating system New PvP Oriented Azeroth: Meanwhile classic azeroth is still avalible, you will discover a new teleporter which sends you to a new parallel Azeroth, where capital cities and towns are oriented to PvP. Capital cities bosses drops new legendary pvp items. Towns are conquereable so they change faction (horde/alliance). New random chests with suitable stuff. Random Events arround the world. Transfiguration items. Crossfaction battlegrounds. All races All classes: so you can mix every race with every class. Classic Woltk content. Fast leveling and Very High xp for honorable kill: you can reach max level jsut doing PvP In a close future we want to implement. Fortified towns: Each conquereable town will be closed, fortified and doors will be only breakable through rams and other siegemachines Brand New Huge Dungeon: Only accesible for the faction (horde/alliance) with most towns. New speed system on mounts for open world pvp 1v1 Arenas. Improve AI and distribution on guards in PvP World And much more we dont want to tell you so its a surprise. Thats's all so far See you soon Thanks daow.servegame.org