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  1. This is custom code from my server and i decided to share it. What it does ? When a pet is created it will learn all the talents the pet has. Good for fun servers with all talents. Core is TrinityCore 3.3.5. in Pet.cpp find: void Pet::InitTalentForLevel() Replace with: void Pet::InitTalentForLevel() { if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_PET_ALL_TALENTS) == true) { LearnTalents(); } else { uint8 level = getLevel(); uint32 talentPointsForLevel = GetMaxTalentPointsForLevel(level); // Reset talents in case low level (on level down) or wrong points for level (hunter can unlearn TP increase talent) if (talentPointsForLevel == 0 || m_usedTalentCount > talentPointsForLevel) resetTalents(); // Remove all talent points SetFreeTalentPoints(talentPointsForLevel - m_usedTalentCount); if (!m_loading) GetOwner()->SendTalentsInfoData(true); } } In Pet.h find: void InitTalentForLevel(); Above it add: void LearnTalents(); In Pet.cpp above void InitTalentForLevel() declare void LearnTalents(); void Pet::LearnTalents() { Player* player = GetOwner(); CreatureTemplate const* ci = GetCreatureTemplate(); if (!ci) return; // Check pet talent type CreatureFamilyEntry const* pet_family = sCreatureFamilyStore.LookupEntry(ci->family); if (!pet_family || pet_family->petTalentType < 0) return; for (uint32 i = 0; i < sTalentStore.GetNumRows(); ++i) { TalentEntry const* talentInfo = sTalentStore.LookupEntry(i); if (!talentInfo) continue; TalentTabEntry const* talentTabInfo = sTalentTabStore.LookupEntry(talentInfo->TalentTab); if (!talentTabInfo) continue; // unlearn only talents for pets family talent type if (!((1 << pet_family->petTalentType) & talentTabInfo->petTalentMask)) continue; // search highest talent rank uint32 spellId = 0; for (int8 rank = MAX_TALENT_RANK - 1; rank >= 0; --rank) { if (talentInfo->RankID[rank] != 0) { spellId = talentInfo->RankID[rank]; break; } } if (!spellId) // ??? none spells in talent continue; SpellInfo const* spellInfo = sSpellMgr->GetSpellInfo(spellId); if (!spellInfo) continue; // learn highest rank of talent and learn all non-talent spell ranks (recursive by tree) learnSpellHighRank(spellId); addSpell(spellId); } SetFreeTalentPoints(0); if (!m_loading) player->PetSpellInitialize(); if (!m_loading) player->SendTalentsInfoData(true); // update at client } In World.h add in the Bool enum CONFIG_PET_ALL_TALENTS In World.cpp add below CONFIG_START_ALL_SPELLS m_bool_configs[CONFIG_PET_ALL_TALENTS] = sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("PlayerPet.AllTalents", false); In your worldserver.conf file add # # PlayerPet.AllTalents # Description: If enabled, player pets will start with all talents. # Default: 0 - (Disabled) # 1 - (Enabled) PlayerPet.AllTalents = 0
  2. This is a Continuation of FusionCMS but now under the brand name FusionGEN. This CMS are an Open-Source Project and anyone may use & contribute this. Latest FusionGEN Version: 1.0.1 Based on FusionCMS Version: 6.2.1 https://gitlab.com/omghixd/fusiongen Faster and more stable so far compared to FusionCMS 6.2.1.
  3. cMangos is the best core atm for 1.12.1 and 2.4.3. Why ? Cause all other cores dropped support or are ran by a server online that doesn't want to share its source. For 3.3.5 i find TrinityCore the best because of the amount of information online, free scripts, active support and updates.
  4. Nice share, hopefully eternal doesn't DMCA your link tho. Like it did with all of the links from 2013-2015, since ur sharing only a repack i think it should be okay, its not like its the same server atm and it a pretty dead one.
  5. trinitycore

    Was searching for this few weeks ago XDD had to find it myself cause i didn't bother to google. Nice share, can confirm it works on latests trinitycore.
  6. Bump Update post desc since its a 255 server now and it has a blizzlike realm.