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  1. Shattered-WoW is recruiting! Info about the server Shattered-WoW is a level 30 funserver based on TrinityCore 3.3.5a. Players will level from 1-30 by completing leveling bosses. This way the players will get a new way to level, but still not getting bored. The most imporant word for this server is 'unique', since we really want the players to enjoy the server and not play something they've played before. We will discuss more about the early game, since I don't want to spoil everything right here. Moving on to when the players have reached 30, they will be able to obtain unique titles, achievements, titles and what so ever by completing storylines, instances (the instance will not just be an upgrading item instance. Again we will discuss this if you want to join the team, since I don't want to spoil the whole idea), raids and a lot more. There will also be special missions for PvP, with unique scripts being used. Players will also get a new way of farming, we will add a Tree Harvesting profession and modify all the others to something new and funny with exclusive loot. Gold will have a value on the server. There will be no blizzlike items, we will make all the items ourselves. More information will be told, if you join the team. The server will not have any donations items, but instead custom mounts with increased speed, and V.I.P ranks which will give other exclusive content and other things. All blizzlike achievements are deleted, we are going to create all our own. Talents will be modified, if we can hack the talentframe, we will make it like Legion Talents or similar. The Host is already bought and website. Positions Partner SQL Developers Interface Developers Noggit Developers Lua Developers You can contact me, if you have another interesting section Game Masters, the reason we already recruit GMs in alpha stage is to gain trust. Note: We do not pay the developers in alpha stage, neither game masters. Things we have done Modified many things for the server in the interface and dbc. Our custom class: Engineer, we will make more when we launched the server Custom Achievements: Modified Zones: Contact https://discord.gg/5wn9KeA