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Oblivion-WoWis back under new owners and a new vision!


Active development
Dedicated and Active Staff
Active Forums and Discord
Custom shop where you can vote or donate
Dungeon and raid issues get fixed after testing.

A few things you should know about our realm:

    Level area 1-255 in Winterspring

    After Level 255, start your journey into the World of Oblivion-WoW

Gen 1 gear is given for free at level 255

    Gen 2-4 - Dungeons

  • Gen 2 - Botanica
  • Gen 3 - Mana Tombs
  • Gen 4 - The Underbog

Tiers 1-3 - Raids

  • T1 - Serpentshrine Caverns
  • T2 - Zul’Aman
  • T3 - Zul’Gurub

    Gear with each Tier!

Custom Bosses
Custom Zones - Mounts Galore! 
Lots of Custom Quests
Transmogs from Vanilla to WoD with Legion Artifacts!


Q: Can I be a GM?
A: We are always looking for new staff as the server grows. At this moment we are sufficient with the staff we have.

Q: Will you become big?
A: We try to! We have a lot unique ideas and tricks to reach our goals!

Q: Where can I give ideas or input on what I would like to see added?
A: You are always welcome to make suggestions and comments on our forums!

Q: How can I join?
A: It's super easy! You download our client, create your account and finished! Or.. you can just use your own 3.3.5a client.

Join us here!


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