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trinitycore [TrinityCore] Buffer NPC 3.3.5a

Hey all, this is my last release @Buffer NPC@

With 8 Buffs !! :

Blessing of Kings 
Mark of the Wild
Power Word: Fortitude
Divine Spirit 
Arcane Intellect
Songflower Serenade
Shadow Protection

Heal me : Full hp & FULL MANA !! 

Note : for full Mana you'll need to put the spell.dbc that you'll find in the file that you download it.
Open Core/dbc/ than delete or Save your Spell.dbc and replace it with the custom one that you find in this file.

Remove Sickness

New ! : Add me .... ==> ( Soul Shard - Symbol of kings - Devout Candle - Light Feather - Rune of teleportation - Rune of Portals -Starleaf )_(Shaman Totems 4 ).

More new coming up on this Buffer !

Credits for 

Tok124 for spell.dbc
Jeutie for using his repack "Jeutie's blizzlike repack" to test/work on the teleporter.
JadaDev me SQL's

Enjoy !! remember +rep will make me happy and make more work smile.gif

ScreenShot ! 



Password is : jadafire


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