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Hunter Pets all Talents

This is custom code from my server and i decided to share it.
What it does ? When a pet is created it will learn all the talents the pet has. Good for fun servers with all talents.
Core is TrinityCore 3.3.5.
in Pet.cpp find:

void Pet::InitTalentForLevel()

Replace with:

void Pet::InitTalentForLevel()
    if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_PET_ALL_TALENTS) == true)
        uint8 level = getLevel();
        uint32 talentPointsForLevel = GetMaxTalentPointsForLevel(level);
        // Reset talents in case low level (on level down) or wrong points for level (hunter can unlearn TP increase talent)
        if (talentPointsForLevel == 0 || m_usedTalentCount > talentPointsForLevel)
            resetTalents(); // Remove all talent points

        SetFreeTalentPoints(talentPointsForLevel - m_usedTalentCount);

        if (!m_loading)

In Pet.h find:

void InitTalentForLevel();

Above it add:


void LearnTalents();
In Pet.cpp above void InitTalentForLevel() declare void LearnTalents();


void Pet::LearnTalents()
    Player* player = GetOwner();

    CreatureTemplate const* ci = GetCreatureTemplate();
    if (!ci)
    // Check pet talent type
    CreatureFamilyEntry const* pet_family = sCreatureFamilyStore.LookupEntry(ci->family);
    if (!pet_family || pet_family->petTalentType < 0)

    for (uint32 i = 0; i < sTalentStore.GetNumRows(); ++i)
        TalentEntry const* talentInfo = sTalentStore.LookupEntry(i);

        if (!talentInfo)

        TalentTabEntry const* talentTabInfo = sTalentTabStore.LookupEntry(talentInfo->TalentTab);

        if (!talentTabInfo)

        // unlearn only talents for pets family talent type
        if (!((1 << pet_family->petTalentType) & talentTabInfo->petTalentMask))

        // search highest talent rank
        uint32 spellId = 0;
        for (int8 rank = MAX_TALENT_RANK - 1; rank >= 0; --rank)
            if (talentInfo->RankID[rank] != 0)
                spellId = talentInfo->RankID[rank];

        if (!spellId)                                        // ??? none spells in talent

        SpellInfo const* spellInfo = sSpellMgr->GetSpellInfo(spellId);
        if (!spellInfo)

        // learn highest rank of talent and learn all non-talent spell ranks (recursive by tree)


    if (!m_loading)

    if (!m_loading)
        player->SendTalentsInfoData(true);  // update at client
In World.h add in the Bool enum


In World.cpp add below CONFIG_START_ALL_SPELLS


m_bool_configs[CONFIG_PET_ALL_TALENTS] = sConfigMgr->GetBoolDefault("PlayerPet.AllTalents", false);
In your worldserver.conf file add


#    PlayerPet.AllTalents
#        Description: If enabled, player pets will start with all talents.
#        Default:     0 - (Disabled)
#                     1 - (Enabled)

 PlayerPet.AllTalents = 0




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