Jada WoW Emulation Bot is a tool that is specifically designed to be used on World of Warcraft private servers. It allows users to manage their private servers directly through Discord, making it easy to access and control all aspects of their server without needing to log in to the game.

Some of the key features of the bot include the ability to use SOAP commands, which allow users to manipulate data on the server and make changes to the game world. Additionally, the bot includes a variety of database commands that can be used to access and modify data stored on the server. This allows users to manage their server's players, items, and other important information with ease.

Another important feature of the bot is the ability to enable and disable different modules as needed. This allows users to customize the bot to their specific needs, and makes it easy to add new functionality or remove features that are no longer needed.

Overall, the Jada WoW Emulation Bot is an essential tool for anyone who runs a World of Warcraft private server, as it provides an easy and convenient way to manage and control all aspects of the server directly through Discord.


WoW-Archive is a forum that offers a wide range of World of Warcraft emulation content such as repacks, scripts, websites, and applications for free. Users can browse the forum as a guest without the need for registration or liking/replying to see links. Guests are not able to view the shoutbox, but they can post threads and reply to posts if it is enabled, with a maximum of 3 threads per day. The forum includes a monthly thread/post backup that is open-source and available for anyone to download, including only thread content, titles, and non-harmful user information. These backups can be found on a specific post as a reply. The forum is currently looking for volunteers to help post and collect information from other forums, and posting links to other forums is allowed on the forum.

Armor Creator

Armor Creator

Armor Creator

AC or armor creator is a free application made specially for trinitycore to create and or edit items directly from the database, it's 99% safe to use i keep the 1% for people that uses it wrongly, a lot of options been added since version 2.1 now as it we've noticed that loading items from database takes from 10 to 20 seconds now it's been changed to less than 2 seconds for people who have a bad connection and less than 1 second for regular and can be sometimes instant.
The AC development been paused a while since real life have high priority but whenever i feel it's time to make a huge update i will do it.

Trinity Full SET Maker

Now there is another software that i've worked on called Trinity Full SET Maker which can create full set in less than 1 - 2 mins and can also base the custom made items on an already made items by you or by default it just depends on the select so click on download Full SET Maker to download it.

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